Okinawa to Memorialize Hawaiian Pig Aid After WWII

by Zhonghe Zhu
A monument will be built in Okinawa to commemorate the time when Japanese immigrants in Hawai‘i shipped pigs back to Okinawa to help the island deal with food shortages. Pork remains an important part of US-Japan trade relations to this day.

Washington Takes a Bite out of China’s Apple Market

by Sarah Wang
With the lifting of a 20 year market access restriction and a major sales push through online retailers, Washington’s apple exports are set to take the Chinese market by storm in the years ahead.

Traditional Chinese Liquor Drives Demand for US Sorghum

by Anna Scott Bell
In the last year, changes in China’s agricultural policy and a crackdown on corruption have had surprising reverberations in the US, from the farms of Nebraska to the cocktail bars of Manhattan.

US Agribusinesses Share Corn Farming Tech With China

by Lincoln Lin
Corn is quickly becoming one of China’s most important crops, and US agribusinesses have responded by increasing activity and investment in China’s agricultural sector.