Jam-Packed June: Numerous U.S. States Send Trade Missions to Asia

by Sarah Wang
June 2014 has been a hot month for trade missions to Asia, as several U.S. states sent high-level officials overseas to establish relationships to improve access for their communities in Asia’s rapidly growing markets. In all, six states sent representatives, including Wyoming,...

Hong Kong and Japan Wrangle Up Benefits for North Dakota Cattle Ranchers

by Sarah Wang
With 9,600 beef producers calling the state home, North Dakota stands to benefit immensely from Hong Kong’s recent relaxing of restrictions on U.S. beef imports. In the first four months of 2014 alone, Hong Kong has already imported $307 million of beef from the US.

Growing US-Asia Tourism and Trade Creating Demand for New Flight Connections

by Alex Forster
Washington state and the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area are all getting new direct flights to Asian destinations, on both American and Asian airlines. The new routes are supporting growing tourism into the US from Asia and US-Asia investments in both directions.

35th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act

by Damien Tomkins
The US Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) on March 13-14, 1979, a bill that was signed into law within a month by President Jimmy Carter on April 10.
The government of South Korea recently indicated its intent to become a member of the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. The TPP is a multilateral trade pact aimed at reducing trade barriers and tariffs, and also includes provisions to improve intellectual property...

U.S. Grain Exports To Southeast Asia Continue to Grow

by Christopher Feddersen
Headlines around the world have been captured by the partial government shutdown in the United States and the threat of a debt default. However, below the surface of the stormy waters, the quiet work of building economic ties between it and Southeast Asia continues.

ASEAN is a Growing Market for US Pork Exports

by Alex Forster
New trade data published last week by the US Department of Agriculture indicates that US pork exports are on the rise in the ASEAN region. This is particularly good news, as exports to Japan, China and South Korea are currently on the decline.