Politics & Security


Asian American Electoral Trends: A Post-Midterm Analysis

by Olivia Waring
An unanticipated red shift among Asian American voters, coupled with a rise in the number of AAPI candidates, made the 2014 election cycle a notable one.

US Joins Multilateral Maritime Anti-Piracy Agency

by Jonathan Gordon
The United States recently became the 20th member of the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery (ReCAAP), a comprehensive regional maritime anti-piracy agreement.

Asian American Voter Turnout Trends

by Olivia Waring
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a potentially influential yet largely ignored segment of the voting public.

The Case for an ASEAN Caucus in the US Congress

by Asad Latif
Only 26% of Congress members pay close attention to ASEAN in spite of its impact on the American economy. A Congressional Caucus would provide a focused, consistent and continuous forum for interaction between American legislators and ASEAN officials.