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Houston to Get New Non-Stop Flight to Seoul

by Alex Forster
Houston, Texas will become the latest American metro area with regular flights non-stop to Seoul, South Korea, when the route opens in May. Houston will be the 12th American city with regular direct service to the Korean capital.

Vietnamese Coffee at the Smallest Town in the United States

by Sarin Ghimire
Joining East and West, Don Sammons, a Vietnam veteran who settled in and purchased the tiny town of Buford, Wyoming in 1992, has sold the town to a Vietnamese entrepreneur named Nguyen Dinh Pham.

South Korea Nears Entry into TPP Negotiations

by Alex Forster
The government of South Korea recently indicated its intent to become a member of the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. The TPP is a multilateral trade pact aimed at reducing trade barriers and tariffs, and also includes provisions to improve...

14,168 U.S. Patents Awarded to Korean Inventors

by Chris Feddersen
The US Patent & Trademark Office has awarded 14,168 patents to Korean inventors, more than to inventors from Canada, France, the U.K. or China; and behind only Japan and Germany.