Trade & Investment


Tampa’s Ties to India Set an Example for the Rest of Florida

by Alex Forster
Between Tampa's substantial trade earnings on exports to India and the tourism influx surrounding the four days of festivities during the recent International Indian Film Awards, the city's economic ties to India are substantial. This fact has not been lost on the rest...

South Korean Demand for Maine Lobsters is Red Hot

by John Kim
The South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) has helped Maine lobster sales to soar in supermarkets in South Korea. By the end of 2013, South Korea was consuming about 30% of all the lobsters caught in the US—greater than even US domestic consumption.

Transpacific Partnership: A Key Policy Tool for US Engagement with ASEAN

by Sanchita Basu Das
For the US, the TPP is a key policy tool for future engagement with ASEAN, the hub of FTAs in Asia. Not only will the pact be a key component in the US ‘rebalancing’ strategy towards Asia, it is expected to increase US business opportunities significantly in four...

Deals Worth US$2 Billion Inked During Obama’s Visit to Malaysia

This first visit by an American President to Malaysia since Lyndon B. Johnson dropped by in 1966 was momentous. Both the countries can draw satisfaction from the commercial deals signed between Malaysian and American companies during Mr. Obama’s visit, estimated to be...

Korea Matters for America Launched in Seoul

by Alex Forster
The latest edition of Korea Matters for America/America Matters for Korea was launched at an event in Seoul on March 19th. The booklet, produced in conjunction with the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, highlights the many dimensions of the US-South Korea relationship....

China and India Power Asia’s Tourism to the US

by Alex Forster
The United States Department of Commerce is predicting strong growth in the travel and tourism sector at least through 2018, according to recently released figures. Some of the largest gains will be powered by visitors from Asia.

Air Traffic and Tourism Increases Between the United States and Taiwan

by Jefferson Lee
United Airlines resumed its non-stop flight service between Taiwan’s capital, Taipei and its US West Coast hub, San Francisco at the end of March. The US Department of Commerce expects the number of Taiwanese tourists traveling to the United States will increase by...

35th Anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act

by Damien Tomkins
The US Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) on March 13-14, 1979, a bill that was signed into law within a month by President Jimmy Carter on April 10.