Trade & Investment


American Tech Firms Adapt to Indonesian Challenges

by Benjamin Nathan
American technology companies like Uber, Twitter, and Google are beginning to offer products designed specifically to meet the needs of their Indonesian users

American Cruise Companies Sailing into Chinese Market

by Lian Eytinge
Recognizing huge growth potential in the Chinese cruise market, companies based in Florida and California are making marketing and investment efforts to gain a foothold in China.

Japan Leads World in New Investment in the US

by Alex Forster
In 2015, more than $36 billion in fresh investments in the US were made by Japanese firms, adding to the more than $370 billion in investments already present as of 2014.

US-ASEAN Connect: Empowering US-ASEAN Relations

by Tham Siew Yean
Dr. Tham Siew Yean of the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore explains the benefits of the recently announced US-ASEAN Connect initiative and its four central pillars.

Push to Increase Tourism between US and China Takes Off

by Sarah Wang
In 2016, Brand USA, the nation’s first global marketing effort, will push for greater exchanges between the United States and China as part of its “US – China Tourism Year.”