Special Projects

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Ongoing Projects

Banner image for the Asia Reacts to... series. Image: East-West Center in Washington. Asia Reacts to... Series

The Asia Reacts to... series highlights how various Asian media are reacting to US politics, policy and major events. 


Banner image for the Acronyms Project. Image: East-West Center in Washington.Acronyms of the Asia Pacific

The Acronyms Project provides plain-language explanations of common acronyms from the Asia Pacific policy world. 


Finished Projects

Banner for 2016 Candidates Tracker. Image: East-West Center in Washington2016 Presidential Campaigns on Asia

The 2016 Presidential Campaigns on Asia tracker highlighted mentions of Asia Pacific issues by Democratic and Republican presidential and vice presidential candidates in speeches, campaign documents, and debates. 


Philippine Flag. Image: CC0 Public Domain on Pixabay The US in the 2016 Philippines Election

How does America factor into elections in Asia? This special feature highlighted how the US was discussed by the candidate of the Philippines 2016 Presidential Election, which took place on May 9, 2016. Explore below each     candidate's background and experience in the US, as well as his or her positions on US-related issues.