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Political and Security Exchanges Grow Oregon-Vietnam Bonds

by Sarah Wang
Teaser: Oregon and Vietnam strengthened their security partnership by hosting each other’s National Guard delegations in August and September. Oregon also provided engineering classes to Vietnamese students at Portland State University, who participated in a study abroad program financed...

Nevada and China Pool Resources to Tackle Various Forms of Pollution

by Sarah Wang
Nevada’s Desert Research Institute has partnered with Chinese universities and environmental organizations to combat water pollution in fresh water lakes and to protect the famous Terra Cotta Warriors from damaging air pollution.

Secretary Kerry Addresses Sustainability and Security During Asia Trip

by Sarah Wang
Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry made his sixth trip to Asia since taking office, and traveled to Myanmar, Australia, the Solomon Islands and Hawai‘i. Throughout the trip Secretary Kerry reiterated the importance of ASEAN as “fundamental to being able to uphold a rules-based...