US Firm to Build Nuclear Power Plants in India

by Linnea Logie
It was announced after a meeting between President Obama and India’s Prime Minister Modi in Washington, DC in early June that Westinghouse Electric Company will build six nuclear power reactors in southeastern India.
By the end of 2016, new direct flight routes will connect San Francisco to Hangzhou and Xi’an, among other cities, as well as San Jose to Shanghai. These new routes offer entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley direct access to China’s budding tech centers.

United States and Taiwan Increase Cybersecurity Cooperation

by Andrea Moneton
Representatives from the US and Taiwanese governments and American technology companies met in Taipei to sign a Statement of Intent to increase cybersecurity cooperation and boost the US-Taiwan trade relationship.

Ford’s Lincoln Reboot Aims to Lure Chinese Buyers

by Alex Forster
Lincoln is intent on earning the respect (and business) of overseas customers, particularly in China, which in addition to being the world’s largest auto market, may also be the leading global luxury-car market of the future.