Asian Leaders Have a Rich History of Addressing Congress

by Nate Schlabach
Throughout history many leaders from Asia have traveled to the US on official visits and to address Congress, the latest being Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Nebraska and Japan Deliver a Smooth Ride for DC Commuters

by Alex Forster
New metro rail cars recently entered service in Washington, DC, built by Japan’s Kawasaki Motors and a dedicated manufacturing team in Lincoln, Nebraska. Kawasaki was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer to move production to the US.

Trans-Pacific Partnerships at a Crossroads

by Alex Forster
By establishing a rules-based high standard template, the TPP could play a strategic role in managing the region’s economic diversity, which will in turn profoundly impact US-Southeast Asia relations.

New York’s Ties to Asia Are a Work of Art

by Sarah Wang
During “Asia Week” from March 13-21, New York will celebrate artworks from Asia, including the centennial of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Asia department and never-before-seen art from Myanmar.