US Communities Welcome Burmese Refugees in Record Numbers

by Lincoln Lin
The number of Burmese refugees resettling in the United States has increased dramatically in recent years, and US communities from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania and elsewhere are organizing to integrate their new residents.

US Making Efforts to Resettle North Korean Refugees

by Cheolwoo Lee
By welcoming refugees and allowing the legal adoption of North Korean children that have fled their country, the US is playing a growing role in resettling refugees from the Hermit Kingdom.

Japanese Art Thrives in the Twin Cities

by Chad Westra
Japanese art and culture are being promoted in Minneapolis and St. Paul thanks to a large donation to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the efforts of a local Japanese artist.

Indian Cultural Presence Grows in DC with Population Rise

by Melissa Newcomb
Events ranging from fundraisers to sacred festivals to political receptions have grown in number and in attendance over the last several years around the national capital region.