Indian Cultural Presence Grows in DC with Population Rise

by Melissa Newcomb
Events ranging from fundraisers to sacred festivals to political receptions have grown in number and in attendance over the last several years around the national capital region.

Asian Language Education on the Rise throughout America

by Olivia Waring
More schools across all educational levels are offering Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as students seek alternatives to traditionally-taught European languages.

US-China Visa Deal Offers More than Just Economic Benefits

by Jonathan Gordon
In addition to boosting the domestic tourism industry and facilitating bilateral trade and investment, the recently announced US-China reciprocal visa arrangement will encourage opportunities for people-to-people interaction and spur greater cultural understanding between people of both...

California Enjoys Tastes of Taiwan

by Melissa Newcomb
Six Los Angeles County restaurants were recognized for serving authentic Taiwanese cuisine last month and more Taiwanese franchises are setting up shop in California as they expand into the US market.

Asian American Voter Turnout Trends

by Olivia Waring
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a potentially influential yet largely ignored segment of the voting public.