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Asia Matters for America Highlights


28% of US goods and 27% of services exports go to Asia

Asian countries are among the United States’ fastest growing markets. Vietnam, India, and China are among America’s fastest growing trade partners.


32% of US jobs from exports depend on exports to Asia

Exports to Asia supported 1.2 million jobs in 2012, 52% more than in 2002.


100% is the increase in US investment in Asia and Asian investment in the US in a decade

Singapore, India, China and South Korea are four of the top ten fastest growing sources of foreign direct investment in the US.


64% of international students in America are from Asia – contributing $14 billion to the US economy

Students from Asia have increased by 50% since the 2001-02 academic year.


16% of Americans studying abroad go to Asia

Over 45,000 American students went to Asia in 2010-11, nearly 110% more than a decade earlier.


5.6% or 17 million Americans identify as Asian or Asian American

Asians and Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial groups in the United States, up 46% from 2000 to 2010.


8.5 million visitors from Asia contribute $41 billion to the US economy

Tourism from Asia earned the US economy more revenue than tourism from Latin America or the European Union in 2011.


850 sister partnerships between the US and Asia build civic and people-to-people relationships

95 US communities raised $2.4 million for their Japanese sister cities affected by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disasters.


Asia is critical to US national security because of the region’s rising powers, long-standing American allies and new partners, economic growth, and military modernization.

Five US treaty allies are in the Asia Pacific, and the US has close or growing partnerships with India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam, among others.


39 states send at least a quarter of their exports to Asia

68% of congressional districts exported goods valued at $500 million or more to Asia in 2012.