US-Taiwan Sister Cities

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The United States has over 75 sister relationships with communities in Taiwan. Thirty US states have at least one sister linkage with Taiwan, and 6 of Taiwan's provinces and special municipalities have at least one partnership in America.

Interactive Map: Zoom in to see totals for each state, and rollover a state or icon for more information.

State U.S. City Sister Partner Province Total
Alabama  -  -  - Total: 0
Alaska State of Alaska Taiwan Province   Total: 2
  Juneau Chiayi Taiwan Province
Arizona State of Arizona Taiwan Province   Total: 3
  Flagstaff Xindian (Hsin Tien) New Taipei Special Municipality
  Phoenix Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
Arkansas       Total: 1
  Little Rock Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
California State of California Taiwan (Country of) Total: 11
  Cupertino Hsinchu Taiwan Province
  El Monte Yongkang District Tainan Special Municipality
  Irvine Taoyuan Taiwan Province
  Los Altos Shinlin District Taipei Special Municipality
  Los Angeles Taipei Taipei   
  San Diego Taichung Taichung Special Municipality
  San Francisco Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  San Jose Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
  Santa Clara County Hsinchu County Taiwan Province
  Walnut Shinlin District Taipei Special Municipality
Colorado       Total: 1
  Colorado Springs Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Connecticut       Total: 1
  Enfield Zhongli (Chungli) Taiwan Province
Delaware  -  -  - Total: 0
District of Columbia  -  -  - Total: 0
Florida       Total: 6
  Fort Lauderdale Kaohsiung County Kaohsiung Special Municipality
  Miami Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
  Miami Dade County New Taipei New Taipei Special Municipality
  Orlando Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
  Pensacola Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
  Tavares Xindian District New Taipei Special Municipality
Georgia State of Georgia Taiwan Province   Total: 4
  Atlanta Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  Brunswick Yilan (I-Lan) Taiwan Province
  Macon Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Hawai‘i State of Hawaii Taiwan Province   Total: 3
  Honolulu Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
  Maui Pingtung Taiwan Province
Idaho State of Idaho Taiwan Province   Total: 1
Illinois State of Illinois Taiwan Province   Total: 3
  Bartlett Miaoli Taiwan Province
  Carbondale Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
Indiana State of Indiana Taiwan Province   Total: 3
  Bloomington Luzhu Township Taiwan Province
  Indianapolis Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
Iowa State of Iowa Taiwan (Country of) Total: 2
  Newton Wuqi District (Wuchi Town) Taichung Special Municipality
Kansas  -  -  - Total: 0
Kentucky  -  -  - Total: 0
Louisiana  -  -  - Total: 0
Maine  -  -  - Total: 0
Maryland  -  -  - Total: 0
Massachusetts       Total: 1
  Boston Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
Michigan  -  -  - Total: 0
Minnesota  -  -  - Total: 0
Mississippi  -   -  - Total: 0
Missouri State of Missouri Taiwan Province   Total: 2
  Kansas City Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
Montana State of Montana Taiwan Province   Total: 1
Nebraska State of Nebraska Taiwan Province   Total: 1
Nevada State of Nevada Taiwan Province   Total: 6
New Hampshire  -   -  - Total: 0
New Jersey State of New Jersey Taiwan Province   Total: 1
New Mexico       Total: 1
  Albuquerque Hualien Taiwan Province
New York       Total: 1
  Syracuse Chiayi Taiwan Province
North Carolina       Total: 2
  Cary Hsinchu Taiwan Province
  Kernersville Daxi (Dashi) Taiwan Province
North Dakota State of North Dakota Taiwan Province   Total: 1
Ohio State of Ohio Taiwan Province   Total: 4
  Cincinnati New Taipei City New Taipei Special Municipality
  Cleveland Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  Columbus Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
Oklahoma State of Oklahoma Taiwan Province   Total: 4
  Oklahoma City Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
  Oklahoma City Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  Tulsa Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Oregon State of Oregon Taiwan Province   Total: 3
  Beaverton Hsinchu Taiwan Province
  Portland Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Pennsylvania  -   -  - Total: 0
Rhode Island  -   -  - Total: 0
South Carolina  -   -  - Total: 0
South Dakota State of South Dakota Taiwan Province   Total: 1 
Tenessee       Total: 1
  Knoxville Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Texas State of Texas Taiwan Province   Total: 8
  Austin Taichung Taichung Special Municipality
  Corpus Christi Keelung Taiwan Province
  Dallas Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  Grand Prairie Gueishan Taiwan Province
  Houston Taipei Taipei Special Municipality
  Laredo Tainan Tainan Special Municipality
  San Antonio Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
Utah State of Utah Taiwan Province   Total: 1
Vermont  -   -  - Total: 0
Virginia  -   -  - Total: 0
Washington       Total: 3
  Bellevue Hualien Taiwan Province
  Seattle Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Special Municipality
  Tacoma Taichung Taichung Special Municipality
West Virginia  -  -  - Total: 0
Wisconsin  -   -  - Total: 0
Wyoming  -  -  - Total: 0
  Total Sister States: 20 Total Sister Cities: 58 Combined: 78

Source: Sister Cities International (SCI), CLAIR (Japan),local/state governments, individual sister city partnerships.