Cargill Invests in India’s Growth


Minnesota-based agricultural commodities giant Cargill announced today that it is investing US$91 million in India’s emerging food processing industry. The Chairman of Cargill India, Siraj Chaudhry, said that Cargill will start a US$73 corn milling unit that will aim to help meet the growing demand in India for packaged foods including many American brands.

"We aim to start a corn milling unit with a daily 800 to 1,000 tonnes processing capacity by 2014," Siraj Chaudhry told reporters today.

In addition, Cargill plans to increase the capacity of its current refining facilities with an investment of US$18 million over the next two years. The US$91 million in total investment announced by Cargill represents a solid commitment to not only the growing processed food sector in India, but also India’s overall economic growth which has been measuring 6% annually.