Ohio and Pennsylvania both export tremendous levels of goods to Japan. An interactive tool on this website allows for side-by-side comparison of all US states. Image: East-West Center in Washington.

Economic and Security Benefits of US Relations with Japan Discussed in Cleveland and Philadelphia


On October 18th in Cleveland, Ohio and on October 20th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a pair of panel discussions was presented by Sasakawa USA, along with the East-West Center in Washington, the Peterson Institute for International Economics, and locally by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs and the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Both events focused on the topic of why Japan matters to the US, as well as why Japan matters in those respective states. At both events, local business leaders and experts contributed to the discussions.

Dr. Satu Limaye, Director of the East-West Center in Washington, presented information on Japan’s importance to Ohio and Pennsylvania at the local level through data and information from the Japan Matters for America website and publications. An interactive component of the website allows for comparison among all 50 US states across a number of metrics that detail Japan’s significance, including local jobs supported by trade, economic contribution of Japanese students to the state economy, and trade figures with sector-specific information.

Admiral Dennis Blair, Chairman and CEO of Sasakawa USA, and Dr. Limaye also co-authored an op-ed for the Philadelphia Inquirer, entitled “Trade with Asia hugely beneficial to U.S., Pa.” that was published on October 20th. In addition to detailing Japan’s importance to Pennsylvania, they discuss how the topic of Asia in the ongoing US presidential campaigns has not accurately reflected the true nature of US-Asia economic relations.