Plano, Texas will join locations such as Kolkata, India (above) as a base for Wipro's tech centers [Image: WikiMedia Commons - Rameshng]

Indian IT Company Wipro Creates New Jobs in Texas


Wipro, the third largest IT services firm in India, announced in March that it planned to immediately create 150 jobs at their new center for cyber-security and advanced technology applications in Plano, Texas. The company plans to hire 600 employees in Plano over the next two years, in addition to the 1,400 employees that are already in Dallas and Houston.

Wipro is focusing on not only employing Texan residents, but also recruiting from recent college graduates from local universities, with 120 of their new employees coming from the University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), University of Houston, Rice University, and University of North Texas (UNT). Texas governor Greg Abbott recently acknowledged Wipro’s role in bolstering the Texan economy after touring the home campus during his trade-mission trip to India. In the United States, Wipro has invested over $2 billion in total, with over 40 facilities and 13,000 employees throughout the country.

Wipro is not the only major Indian company to make significant investments in Texas. Abbott also announced during his trip that JSW Group, one of the largest business conglomerates in India, is planning to spend $500 million on its steel plant in Houston, in addition to creating 500 new jobs.

Overall, Indian companies have a major presence in the United States, affecting local communities and contributing to the economy. In 2017, the average US state received an investment of $187 million. Nationwide, Indian companies have created more than 113,000 jobs and invested nearly $18 billion. One prominent example of Indian investment outside of Texas was the deal between Infosys and Purdue University in Indiana to recruit and train students for the specific purpose of employment at the company’s tech hub in Indiana. The company’s partnership with Purdue was part of the Infosys US hiring plan as well as an attempt to narrow the IT skills gap. With the active outreach of Indian-based companies to local communities, Americans can continue to expect opportunities in the future.