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Taiwan and the US Advance towards Joint Development of 5G Networks and Standards -- 台美聯手研發及標準化5G通訊


On September 29th during the 2016 Taipei 5G/Internet of Things (IoT) Summit, Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (TAICS) and the US Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) signed a letter of intent that joins Taiwan and the US for collaborative development of 5G networks and standards. The coalition of Taiwan and the US gives Taiwan access to participate in the Obama administration’s Advanced Wireless Research Initiative. The National Science Foundation-led Initiative aims to develop the next generation of wireless technology by bringing four US cities (yet to be selected) as testing platforms for research and studies.

5G networks, although not yet standardized, are set to arrive around 2020. The primary goal of the development of 5G is to increase bandwidth and lower latency, and 5G will be implemented in technologies such as virtual-reality systems and autonomous driving. With the ever-demanding usage of data, 5G is designed to meet the increasing traffic demands while remaining cost effective and energy efficient.

Taiwan’s participation in the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative could give ground to a greater presence in the US high-tech sector for Taiwanese companies. Some of TAICS’ 106 members, such as ACER Incorporated and HTC Corporation, are among the largest corporations in the tech-field. According to the White House, HTC will provide its technical expertise, mobile devices, IoT sensors, and virtual reality systems to support the four city testing platforms.

There are more than 300 members in the TIA, including multinational tech corporations such as Qualcomm Incorporated and Intel Corporation. Both headquartered in California, Qualcomm had more than 15,000 employees as of May, 2015 in San Diego, and Intel, the largest employer in Santa Clara, has more than 7,000 employees at its headquarters. As the bilateral cooperation proceeds, these companies are able to facilitate exchanges of ideas and technologies.

For decades Taiwan has been an important partner to the US as a leader in technological innovation. In partnership with the Taiwanese government, Microsoft will make Taipei its first site in Asia for the Microsoft IoT Innovation Center. The Center will be a platform for Taiwanese IoT companies to integrate into the global IoT supply chain, according to the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs. In June 2016, Taiwan and the US signed an agreement seeking to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and cooperation on both sides.

Chien-Chou “Antonio” Liao is a Research Intern at the East-West Center in Washington and a recent graduate of American University’s School of International Service.


台灣資通產業標準協會(TAICS)與美國電信產業協會(TIA)於九月二十九日在台北2016 Taipei 5G/Internet of Things (IoT) Summit簽署一份針對聯合研發及標準化5G通訊的合作意向書。此次台美合作象徵著台灣將加入美國總統歐巴馬所提出的「先進無線技術研發倡議(Advanced Wireless Research Initiative; AWRI)」。該項由美國國家科學基金會(National Science Foundation)所領導的倡議旨在運用四座美國城市(尚待決定)做為測試基地進行新一代5G無線通訊科技。