The US in the 2016 Philippines Election

This special feature highlights how the US is discussed by the candidates of the Philippines 2016 Presidential Election, which took place on May 9, 2016.

Explore each candidate's background and experience in the US, as well as his or her positions on US-related issues.

Lead Researcher: Melissa Newcomb

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Mar Roxas - Overview

Background, US Experience, and Connections Supported by current President Aquino. [Source] 58 years old, comes from one of the country’s richest families and his grandfather was president of the Philippines in the 1940s. His campaign narrative has …

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Mar Roxas - Trans-Pacific Partnership

“Our entry into this international agreement [the TPP] is not automatic. We must first assess what the plusses and minuses are for us.” [Source] November 23, 2015"Here's the political reality for any of you who've …

Mar Roxas - EDCA

On the Supreme Court and Justice in the Philippines: “The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement allows foreign entities to preposition logistics within our shores; some quarters are raising concerns whether such an agreement can be entered …

Mar Roxas - South China Sea

“There will be increasing competition between the US and China. It will be felt in the West Philippines Sea.” [Source] November 2, 2015 In reference to the final decision-making on the Philippines’ case against China over …