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Bojagi Exhibition Displays Korean & American Cultural Exchange


An exhibition at the Korean Cultural Center in Washington, DC, named “Bojagi & Beyond”, promotes Korean and American cultural exchange by showcasing the artistry and originality of the traditional quilted Korean wrapping cloth. Through February 12, the “Bojagi & Beyond” exhibition presented both Korean traditional textile techniques and contemporary artistic bojagi creations by both Korean and American artists.

Bojagi (보자기), a traditional Korean wrapping cloth, is a centuries-old Korean folk tradition that utilizes patchwork textiles for both everyday use and ceremonial purposes. Bojagi are traditionally hand-made by women in the domestic realm to fulfill a practical need for wrapping items to carry, but also artistic expression. In recent years, the technique has gained interest outside Korea due to the popularity of handmade crafts, use of recycled materials, do-it-yourself activities, and sustainability in textiles and contemporary art. Among the artists showcased at the “Bojagi and Beyond” exhibition were: Chunghie Lee, Nancy Crasco, Soon Hee Kim, Ji Hee Kim, Mary Ruth Smith, Ki Ok Park, Jisun Cha.

For further more information about artists and their work, Korea-U.S. Bojagi Exhibition: Bojagi & Beyond

Jieun Choi is an Asan Academy Intern at the East-West Center in Washington.