US Pork Exports Grew in April as Asian Countries Hog the Market

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President Obama Welcomes Young Southeast Asian Leaders to White House


How the ASEAN Economic Community Will Benefit American Companies

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Deputy Secretary of State Blinken Discusses ASEAN at Gala Event

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Service Above Self: Rotary International’s Presence in Asia

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Asian Leaders Have a Rich History of Addressing Congress

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Asia Pacific Student Numbers Are High In Hawai‘i, But Not Growing Fast Enough

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Asian Exports of Shrimp to the United States Are Anything but Pint-Sized

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Trans-Pacific Partnerships at a Crossroads


New and Returning Players Get 2015 Major League Baseball Season Underway

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Milwaukee’s New Indonesian Sister City Adds to Wisconsin’s Robust Asia Ties

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New England Boarding Schools Hit the Books in Asia

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First Lady Promotes Girl’s Education during Asia Trip

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US-Asia Sister Ties Link Bodies of Water – Not Just Cities

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US Companies Addressing Waste through “Upcycling” in Asia

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New York’s Ties to Asia Are a Work of Art

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US Congressional Delegation Promotes Trade Agenda on Asia Trip

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National Parks Collaborate Across the Pacific

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California Walnut Exports to Vietnam Remain Strong as Chinese Demand Collapses

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The Missing Statistic Revealing Strong US-ASEAN Ties


Asian Markets Essential for Maine

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US Cities' Export Opportunities to Increase from Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Increase in US-Indonesia Educational Exchange Benefiting Economies, Deepening Bonds

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US Faith-Based Organizations Answer the Philippines’ Prayers by Providing Aid for Disaster Relief


Texas Welcoming Large Numbers of Asian Refugees

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American Medical Providers and Patients Explore New Markets in the Asia Pacific

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Indonesia Gets Serious About Economic Reforms

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Asian Medical Practices Increasingly Sought By US Patients and Doctors

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US-Asia Agricultural Trade Bolstered by Mutual Visits


Twitter Helping to Share Flood Information in Indonesia

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Obama Launches New Peace Corps Chapter in Myanmar

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California Company SunEdison Helps Asia Go Solar

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Alaska and the Philippines Bolster Ties with New Sister City


Asian Embassies Embrace Washington DC Public Schools in “Embassy Adoption Program”

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Serving Up Spuds: Washington and Oregon Team Up to Promote Potatoes in Southeast Asia

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Nearly 900,000 International Students Study in the US

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Myanmar Seeks US Investments

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Security and Community Ties Thrive In Hawai‘i-Indonesia National Guard Exchange

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US Joins Multilateral Maritime Anti-Piracy Agency

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Autumn in Asia: Governors Harvest Investments on Trade Missions

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Political and Security Exchanges Grow Oregon-Vietnam Bonds

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Direct Flights to Asia Come With Economic Benefits

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Southeast Asian-US Consortium to Build Submarine Communications Cable


North Dakota Showcases US Soybeans for Asian Buyers


Singapore Key to US Partnership with Southeast Asia


Indonesia and the United States Expand Their Political and Cultural Ties

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The Case for an ASEAN Caucus in the US Congress