South Korea's Defense Boost Benefits Texas and Virginia

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Eden Center Redevelopment Plan Approved


Virginia Governor Approves Trade Office in Taiwan

Taiwan Asia

School in Northern Virginia Preserves Uyghur Language and Culture

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Maryland Proclaims “Kimchi Day”

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DMV Mongolian American Community Celebrates First Naadam Festival Since COVID-19


Virginia Establishes “Kimchi Day” State Holiday, Entering Sino-Korean Kimchi Debate

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Historic AAPI Elections in the 2021 Midterms


Communities Across the United States Celebrate Filipino American History Month

ASEAN Asia Philippines

Filipino Naval History Receives Recognition in Virginia

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Indonesian Martial Art Silat Sees Rising US Popularity

Indonesia ASEAN Asia

The Asian American Electorate and the 2020 US Presidential Elections


Virginia Tech Is Developing an East Asian International Business Program

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Olympic Mentorship Program Blooms Between US and Korea

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Virginia Trade Mission Made to the Asia-Pacific as New Business Opportunities Surface

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American and Japanese Corporations Collaborate on Large Solar Project

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Indian Immigrants at Heart of Virginia’s Booming Asian-Born Population, as Economic Ties Increase


Americans Respond to Nepal Earthquake and Gain Insight for Future Disasters


Indian Companies Investing Billions across the US


US Making Efforts to Resettle North Korean Refugees


Friendship in Bloom: Cherry Blossoms and Art Bind Virginian and Japanese Sister Cities


National Parks Collaborate Across the Pacific

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Autumn in Asia: Governors Harvest Investments on Trade Missions

ASEAN Japan Korea China Taiwan

Virginia and China Closer Than Ever Thanks to Major New Trade Deals


Growing US-Asia Tourism and Trade Creating Demand for New Flight Connections

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Congressional Delegation Travels to Asia, Republican Members Issue Op-Ed

Japan Korea China

Virginia Governor McAuliffe Signs East Sea Labeling Bill into Law

Japan Korea

Virginia Continues to Deepen Trade and Cultural Ties with China


East Sea Labeling Requirement Passes Virginia State Senate

Japan Korea

Education Connects the United States to Nepal


Pakistani Students Gain Professional Experience in the U.S.


Virginia Increasingly Looks to China as an Export Market

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Virginia Governor McDonnell Opens Agricultural Trade Representative Office in Shanghai, China

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Asian Americans: Highest-Income, Best-Educated and Fastest-Growing Racial Group in the US

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