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Australia-US Cooperation in the "Asian Century"

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The Asia-Pacific is “Open for Business” Says Idaho’s Governor Otter

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Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder Returns from his Third Trip to Asia

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Chinese Visitor Spending in the U.S. Climbs to $7.7 Billion


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Why China’s Return to the Sea May Not Be All Bad


Asian Americans: Highest-Income, Best-Educated and Fastest-Growing Racial Group in the US

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Power Struggle and Diplomatic Crisis: Tokyo University Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda explains Senkaku Dispute and Sino-Japanese Relations

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Key Statistics on Voting Behavior among Asian Americans

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New Report: Growing US Trade Deficit with China Results in 2.7 Million Job Losses


Asians outnumber Hispanics among new immigrants to the US

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May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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