New United States National Security Strategy Emphasizes Need for Strong Indo-Pacific Policy

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US and Chinese Law Enforcement Cooperate to Combat Opioid Abuse


United States, Japan, and China Cooperate in Search for Missing US Sailor

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Branstad Confirmed as US Ambassador to China


Chinese State Councilor Visits US


Asia Has Always Mattered: A Profile of Asia in Presidential State of the Union Addresses

ASEAN Japan Korea Australia China India Taiwan Asia Indonesia

US Navy Participates in Multilateral Exercises with South and Southeast Asian Counterparts and Plans for Further Cooperation

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Asian Leaders Have a Rich History of Addressing Congress

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China Joins Australia and US in Joint Military Training Exercise

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US Joins Multilateral Maritime Anti-Piracy Agency

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Former Australian Prime Minister to Head New York-based Asian Think Tank

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Support in Southeast Asia for the US Rebalance

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Congressional Delegation Travels to Asia, Republican Members Issue Op-Ed

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Implications of the US-Philippines Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement


US Follows Up Obama’s Asia Trip with Further Engagement

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Philippines-US Security Relations: Deepening the Alliance


Australia’s Gains in Northeast Asia Pave the Way for Obama’s Trip

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John Kerry Concludes Fifth Trip to Asia Since Taking Office

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An Emergent US Security Strategy in Southeast Asia

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Senator Max Baucus Confirmed as New US Ambassador to China


U.S. Senators Mark Kirk and Mazie Hirono discuss the formation of Senate U.S.-China Working Group

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ASEAN in the Power Web


Australia-US Cooperation in the "Asian Century"

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Japan’s Disaster Relief Diplomacy: Fostering Military Cooperation in Asia

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China’s Intervention in the Myanmar-Kachin Peace Talks

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Why China’s Return to the Sea May Not Be All Bad


Power Struggle and Diplomatic Crisis: Tokyo University Professor Yasuhiro Matsuda explains Senkaku Dispute and Sino-Japanese Relations

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Clinton: “Renewed American leadership in Asia”

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