South Korea's Defense Boost Benefits Texas and Virginia

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Maryland Proclaims “Kimchi Day”

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Virginia Establishes “Kimchi Day” State Holiday, Entering Sino-Korean Kimchi Debate

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Virginia Tech Is Developing an East Asian International Business Program

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Olympic Mentorship Program Blooms Between US and Korea

Asia Korea

Virginia Trade Mission Made to the Asia-Pacific as New Business Opportunities Surface

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National Parks Collaborate Across the Pacific

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Autumn in Asia: Governors Harvest Investments on Trade Missions

ASEAN Japan Korea China Taiwan

Growing US-Asia Tourism and Trade Creating Demand for New Flight Connections

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Congressional Delegation Travels to Asia, Republican Members Issue Op-Ed

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Virginia Governor McAuliffe Signs East Sea Labeling Bill into Law

Japan Korea

East Sea Labeling Requirement Passes Virginia State Senate

Japan Korea

Asian Americans: Highest-Income, Best-Educated and Fastest-Growing Racial Group in the US

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