Oldest Japanese Language School in the Continental USA marks Its 120th Year in 2022

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Japan Airlines Restarts Non-stop Flights to Seattle for the First Time in 26 Years


“Business and Baseball” Trade Trip Promotes Japan-Washington State Ties


East-West Center Examines Japanese Relations Across the States


US Wheat Representatives Join in 70th Anniversary Celebration of Japan Flour Millers Association

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Japan’s Keio University and the University of Washington Launch A Dual Masters Law Program


Agriculture Growing New Business and Connections Between Washington and Asia: Part II

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Agriculture Growing New Business and Connections Between Washington and Asia: Part I

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Space an Emerging Focus in US and Washington-Asia Connections

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Asian Partners Look to Washington As They Grow in the Global Aerospace Industry

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New Aerospace, Economic Collaboration Advancing Washington's Partnership with Japan


Washington at the Crossroads of US-Asia Energy Trade

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Numerous US-Asia Sister-Cities Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries in 2016

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Asia Matters for America: Perspectives from the Other Washington


Pacific Northwest Fundraising Continues Five Years after Japan’s 3.11 Earthquake


US Agricultural Exports Find Expanding Markets in Japan and South Korea

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Governors across the US Seek to Strengthen States’ Ties with Japan


History of Conflict Brings US & Japanese Cities Together in Peace


American Coffee Retailers Making Tremendous Gains in Japan as Demand Surges


Japanese Chemical Co. Invests in South Carolina for New Plant to Supply Boeing – 東レがサウスカロライナ州に新工場建設 ボーイングに炭素繊維を供給


California and Washington Celebrate Decades of Friendship with Japanese Sister Cities


Jam-Packed June: Numerous U.S. States Send Trade Missions to Asia

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Preserving Harmonious Living in Washington’s Japanese Gulch


Fifty Years of Friendship: Several US-Asia Sister-Partnerships Celebrate Their Golden Anniversaries

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The 787 Dreamliner: Building US-Japan Connections for Businesses and Communities


Global Partners, Local Neighbors (Part 2): 80,000 Americans Reside in Japan


May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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National Pastimes: US-Japan Baseball Diplomacy


Sakura Special: Japanese Cherry Blossoms Across America