2020 US Presidential Candidates on the Indo-Pacific

The 2020 Presidential Candidates on the Indo-Pacific resource highlighted mentions of Indo-Pacific issues by US presidential candidates and nominees in speeches, campaign documents, and debates.

To view statements by President Trump prior to his June 18, 2019 declaration to seek a second term, as well as members of his Cabinet, visit The Trump Administration & US - Indo-Pacific Relations.

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President Trump Bilateral Meeting with Kim Jong Un

Remarks by President Trump and President Nguyễn Phú Trọng of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Before Expanded Bilateral Meeting

"Well, Mr. President, thank you very much. This is great, great honor. And I send our warmest regards from all Americans. Our country, like your country, is doing very, very well. Our economy is probably as good as it’s ever been; maybe the best it’s been. And unemployment and all of the numbers that you would look at are at historically positive numbers.

And so I just see what you’ve done, and I’ve — I’m very proud of what you’ve done. And I’m very proud…

President Trump's Remarks at 2019 Governors’ Ball - China and North Korea

"And I’ll give you a little advance information. I see Steve Mnuchin is here, and Ambassador Lighthizer. We just left a big meeting with China, and we just put out a statement, and we’re doing very well with China. It was a long weekend. They decided to stay for two and a half more days. They’ll probably be leaving late tonight; they’re going back. And if all works well, we’re going to have some very big news over the next week or two.

And it’s…

President Trump's Remarks Before Meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He

"PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. It’s a great honor to be with the Vice Premier of China, a very highly respected man in China. And we’re negotiating trade and the trade agreement. And we have many representatives from China and — as you’d know, and most of you know who they are — many representatives from the United States.

I think we’re getting along very well. Ultimately, I think the biggest decisions and some even smaller decisions will be made by President Xi and…

President Trump's Remarks on North Korea

"I had a great conversation this morning with President Moon of South Korea. And we obviously discussed the upcoming trip next week, where we’re going Hanoi, in Vietnam. And I look forward to be with Chairman Kim, and I think a lot of things will come out of it.

We had a tremendous first summit. That was really breaking the ice, but a lot of things came from that, including good relationships. And we’re looking forward to having a very good meeting. And President Moon…

President Trump's Remarks on North Korea - Part 1

President Trump's Remarks on North Korea - Part 1

President Trump’s State of the Union Address - North Korea

"As part of a bold new diplomacy, we continue our historic push for peace on the Korean Peninsula. Our hostages have come home, nuclear testing has stopped, and there has not been a missile launch in 15 months. If I had not been elected President of the United States, we would right now, in my opinion, be in a major war with North Korea with potentially millions of people killed. Much work remains to be done, but my relationship with Kim Jong Un is a…

President Trump's Remarks in Meeting with Vice Premier Liu He of the People’s Republic of China

"It’s a great honor to have the Vice Premier of China with us, and also the Vice Minister of Trade of China. We have had long discussions. This has been going on for quite some time. It will be, by far, if it happens, the biggest deal ever made — not only the biggest trade deal ever made. It will be the biggest trade deal by far, but it’ll also be the biggest deal ever made. The two largest countries doing a trade deal. There…