The United States and Mekong Countries Announce new Partnership

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US-ASEAN Ministerial Meetings go Virtual

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Peace Corps Expands into Vietnam for the First Time in Its History

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“Strategic Vision” Pact signed between US Army and Thailand


Minneapolis Protests Spark Passion in Papuan Activists of Indonesia

Indonesia ASEAN

East-West Center in Washington Contributors Speak on COVID-19 Responses across Southeast Asia


Vietnam Sends COVID-19 Protective Suits to USA

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Washington State and Malaysia’s New State Partnership Program Enters Third Year


Americans Find Opportunity in Singapore


US State Department Announces Aid to Thai Health Workers in Fight Against COVID-19

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Allied in the Face of Adversity: United States Aids ASEAN Countries in Combatting COVID-19

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Filipino Food Pops Up in Dallas

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SubCom Jupiter Cable to Link United States and Asia


First Hmong Chief of Staff Appointed to California State Capitol

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Vietnam Assumes Chairmanship of ASEAN

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Louisiana Honors First Filipino Settlement

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Minneapolis Museum Hosts a Double Exhibition on the Vietnam War

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Testimonials from the US Delegation to the Asian Development Bank Youth Forum

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Fourth Edition of ASEAN Matters for America Publication Launched on Capitol Hill

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2020 US Presidential Candidates on the Indo-Pacific

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