The Trump Administration & US - Indo-Pacific Relations

This resource will track statements, developments, visits, and other interactions in US-Indo-Pacific relations under the President Trump administration. Special focus will be given to the comments and activities of President Donald J. Trump; Vice President Mike Pence; United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer; Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Jr.; and (former) Secretary of Defense James Mattis.


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The Republic of Korea’s Chuseok Holiday

"On behalf of the United States Government and its people, I would like to wish the people of South and North Korea, and Koreans around the world, a happy Chuseok holiday. During this time of homecoming and gift giving, of food and family, we are all reminded to pause and give thanks for the many blessings of this life.

We also take this time of contemplation to recognize the strength of our alliance with the Republic of Korea, which stands on a solid foundation of…

Remarks by President Trump Before Meeting With President Battulga of Mongolia

"Q Mr. President, have you thought of a name for the horse yet? [It is tradition for U.S. presidents to be symbolically gifted with a Mongolian horse when meeting with their Mongolian counterparts.]

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I did. “Victory.”

Q Victory.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much for the horse. Did you see a picture of the horse?

Q Not yet.


Mongolia — they’re great fighters. You know, they’re great fighters, great wrestlers, great champions. Right? And we have the grand champion…

Secretary Pompeo's Remarks on New Zealand Waitangi Day

"Waitangi Day reminds us of our two nations’ long, deep, and enduring friendship. The first U.S. Consul to New Zealand, James Reddy Clendon, was there to witness Te Tiriti o Waitangi in February 1840.

One hundred eighty years since the first U.S. Consul to Aotearoa was appointed, the United States and New Zealand remain steadfast partners. We appreciate New Zealand’s renewed pledge to bolster security and prosperity in the region through the Pacific Reset policy. This past year, we increased cooperation between our two countries…

Presidential Message in Celebration of the Lunar New Year

"Melania and I send our greetings to those celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Today, people across the United States and around the world mark the beginning of the Lunar New Year with spectacular fireworks displays, joyful festivals, and family gatherings. This is a sacred time for many people of Asian descent, and it is an opportunity for all Americans to honor the important contributions these communities have made to the story of American greatness.

As families, friends, and loved ones gather to welcome the Year…

Secretary Pompeo's Remarks on Himalayan New Year (Losar)

"On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I offer my warmest wishes to the peoples of the Himalayan region and Tibetans throughout the world -- including those in Bhutan, Nepal, India, and the Tibetan areas of the People’s Republic of China -- in celebrating Losar.

As you, your families, and your communities gather this year to celebrate the New Year, know that the United States remains your steadfast partner and friend."

Secretary Pompeo's Remarks on Celebrating the Lunar New Year

"Please accept my best wishes to our friends around the world celebrating the Lunar New Year on February 5.

During this new lunar year, let us continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship with allies and partners as we invite all nations to join us in the endeavor to build a better world for future generations.

May the Year of the Pig bring great health, happiness, and prosperity for all."

President Trump's Remarks at Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya

"We’re gathered together today to celebrate a very special holiday observed by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains throughout the United States and around the world. Hundreds of millions of people have gathered with family and friends to light the Diya and to mark the beginning of a New Year, a very special New Year.

Our nation is blessed to be home to millions of hardworking citizens of Indian and Southeast Asian heritage who enrich our country in countless ways. Together, we are one proud American family…

On the Occasion of Diwali

"On behalf of the Department of State, I would like to wish all those celebrating Diwali a joyous and prosperous holiday.

Also known as the “Festival of Lights,” this special occasion celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. Nearly a billion celebrants from around the world will light the diya, or lamp, as a reminder that good ultimately overcomes evil, understanding over ignorance, and kindness over animosity. Diwali is also a time of reflection and prayer when observers perform seva, or selfless service, without any…

ASEAN Day 2018

"On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I am honored to congratulate the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the ASEAN Secretariat on the organization’s 51st anniversary on August 8th. For over 40 years, U.S.-ASEAN engagement has helped foster a stable, prosperous, and peaceful Southeast Asia. I welcome ASEAN’s role as a centerpiece of the Indo-Pacific’s regional architecture and its contributions to a free and open Indo-Pacific region. The United States is proud to support…