The Trump Administration & US - Indo-Pacific Relations

This resource will track statements, developments, visits, and other interactions in US-Indo-Pacific relations under the President Trump administration. Special focus will be given to the comments and activities of President Donald J. Trump; Vice President Mike Pence; United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer; Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Jr.; former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis.


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Remarks by President Trump at a Roundtable Discussion on Tax Reform

"But more importantly, our industry is coming back far faster than we thought. If other countries aren’t going to treat us with respect and aren’t going to treat us properly on trade — because they haven’t with these massive deficits that we have. The big one is a car tax. They send in cars into our country by the millions and millions and millions, and we pay — I mean, if we send cars to them, they either don’t want it or it’s a big…