The Trump Administration & US - Indo-Pacific Relations

This resource will track statements, developments, visits, and other interactions in US-Indo-Pacific relations under the President Trump administration. Special focus will be given to the comments and activities of President Donald J. Trump; Vice President Mike Pence; United States Trade Representative Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer; Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark Esper; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Jr.; former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis.


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United States Welcomes the EU’s Acknowledgement of the Unacceptable Risks Posed by Untrusted 5G Suppliers - China

"On January 29, the European Union (EU) Network Information Security Cooperation Group released a toolbox of recommended measures to mitigate security risks in 5G networks. The United States welcomes this initiative from Member States, the Commission, and the EU Cybersecurity Agency.

The Toolbox acknowledges that suppliers with high risk profiles (e.g., companies based in third countries that lack democratic checks and balances) should face additional restrictions. It calls on EU member states to exclude high risk suppliers from critical and sensitive parts of their 5G…

Secretary Pompeo and British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab Discussion on the Future of the Special Relationship - China

MR GODSON: In terms of threat in the world today, when you look at great power competition, the sort of talk once again, your history has not come to an end. Rise of China – how does the Special Relation change in the context, from your point of view, in the context of new world threats of China, Russia, and so on? Perhaps not so new.

SECRETARY POMPEO: So I’ll speak to this a little bit from the American perspective and our recent history on…

Secretary Pompeo’s Call with People’s Republic of China Politburo Member Yang Jiechi

"Secretary Michael R. Pompeo spoke by phone on January 29 with Yang Jiechi, Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. Secretary Pompeo expressed condolences for the Chinese citizens who lost their lives as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The Secretary stressed that the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas continued to be his highest priority, and he thanked Director Yang for the PRC’s assistance in facilitating the evacuation of U.S. government personnel and private citizens from areas…

Secretary Pompeo's Remarks to Traveling Press - China

"SECRETARY POMPEO: [...] Meanwhile there’s a lot going on, happening in China with the coronavirus as well. We had a flight of American diplomats that work for me and their families leave Wuhan within the last 24 hours. Lots of activity. We have an obligation to do our best to make sure that every American knows what the risks are of traveling not only to Wuhan but to China more broadly. We’re going to make sure the State Department is monitoring that situation closely so…

Nauru’s Independence Day

"On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I would like to extend my congratulations to the people of Nauru in recognition of the 52nd anniversary of your independence on January 31.

The United States has enjoyed close ties with Nauru for over half a century, dating back to the days prior to your national independence. Shared values are at the heart of our relationship, including a commitment to constitutional democracy and the rule of law. We also share a commitment to…

Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Lao Foreign Minister Saleumxay Kommasith

"Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo met today with Lao Foreign Minister Saleumxay Kommasith in Washington, DC. Secretary Pompeo and Foreign Minister Saleumxay discussed efforts to strengthen the U.S.-Laos Comprehensive Partnership by deepening political, security, economic, and people-to-people ties. The Secretary and the Foreign Minister affirmed a shared commitment to promote a strong, prosperous, and independent Indo-Pacific region. They also discussed plans for the upcoming meeting between President Trump and ASEAN leaders, as well as U.S. plans for expanding engagement in the Mekong region."

President Trump's Remarks on Coronavirus in China

Remarks by Secretary Ross at the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Lunar New Year Celebration

"I am happy to participate in today’s Lunar New Year celebration with everyone involved in the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.I am also pleased to co-chair this initiative with our esteemed Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. This initiative aims to positively impact the lives of the fastest growing minority population in America.Many thanks also to Vice President Mike Pence, Labor Secretary Scalia, USPS Chairman Mike Duncan, and the Initiative’s new Executive Director, Tina Smith, for joining us here today.A warm welcome to…

Remarks by Vice President Pence at the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Lunar New Year Celebration

"THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you all very much for that very warm welcome. And on behalf of the President of the United States and the First Family: Welcome to the White House. (Applause.)

And join me in thanking an extraordinary leader. I just — as soon as I heard her voice, I had to jump out from behind the curtain. (Laughter.) She is not only the 18th Secretary of Transportation, but frankly, she is one of the most distinguished public servants in the United…